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Rock Chick: Get The Look

Hello from Orlando!  It's slighter cooler here than it was in Miami but still lovely and warm compared to London so can't complain.  Be sure to check out my Instagram and Facebook for all updates on my 3 week adventure @wonky_lauren Today I'm sharing with you my favourite look of all time.  The Rock Chick.  If I had to dress in one style for the rest of my life, this would be it.  There's something just so cool and effortless about the rock chick that I just love.   It suits my criteria for dressing to a T; not much effort required, comfortable, casual and lots of black! Get the look: winged liner , coat , leggings Get the look: eyewear , scarf , coat , jeans Get the look: beanie , shirt Do you like the rock chick look? Lauren xx Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

11 Reasons Why Girls Are Always Late

Being late is a girl's prerogative.  Fact.  It's in our DNA.  We just can't be on time even if we try really really hard.  I must admit, I am getting a little better as I'm getting older, especially the need to be in the office for 9:30am but it helps that I have my routine down! Here are the most common reasons I seem to be late. 1.  I have nothing to wear 2.  Winged eyeliner.  Enough said. 3.  Train's delayed, not my fault! 4.  Finally have my outfit sorted but now what shoes?? 5.  And bag?? 6.  Taking me forever to get these stilettos done up. 7.  And now I can't walk in them which means I'm definitely going to miss my train. 8.  Pre-drinking before I go out.  Shall we just stay here instead? 9.  My hair is just not doing what I want it to do.  Why can't it behave! 10.  Need to take at least 20 selfies before I leave #OOTN 11.  Sorry I'm late, I didn't want to come ;) Can you rel

My New Favourite Fitness Class: PiYo

I hope everyone had a good Christmas Day!  How did you celebrate?  Happy Boxing Day for anyone still celebrating today!  I'm still in Miami and they don't have Boxing Day in the States.  You can see everything I'm getting up to on my 3 week America trip on my Instagram and Facebook @wonky_lauren Today I wanted to tell you all about my new favourite fitness class called PiYo .  I believe it started in America and only came here this year.  My gym has just recently started doing classes and I can't tell you how much I love it! It's a mixture of pilates and yoga moves at a very fast pace.  My teacher always starts off the class by saying "if you're expecting a yoga class, there's the door" because slow and relaxing it is not!  I  was a bit dubious about doing the class at first and actually only ended up doing it by accident because they'd cancelled the class I usually do and replaced it with this one. It really gives you su

My Favourite Apps

Merry Christmas Eve from Miami!  I hope everyone is enjoying the festivities and getting excited for the big day tomorrow.  It's so different being here than in London where I have spent every Christmas so far!  Follow my Instagram to keep up with my 3 week America trip @wonky_lauren Today I thought I'd share with you my favourite apps.  So if you're chilling out today or maybe a little bored waiting for tomorrow then try these out! Pingit from Barclays I bank with Barclays and this is their online banking app with allows you to check your account balance at any time which is great for when I'm travelling so I don't overspend! You can also send money or transfer it via the app. Blogger My website is powered by Blogger so I downloaded the app on my iPhone and iPad which I find great for adding photos straight from my phone. Three My phone network is with 3 and this app allows me to keep a track of my data allowance, minutes and texts.  I

New Year's Eve Party Inspiration

Hello from Florida!  I finally made it.  It's so nice to be in warmer weather (sorry London, love you really!).  Follow my  Instagram  (@wonky_lauren) to keep up with my 3 week America travels.   I know we haven't even had Christmas yet but New Year's Eve is only next week and for me, New Year is when I go all out and really get dressed up.  However, if you like dressing up over the holidays in general (as if we need an excuse!) then I've rounded up every last sequin I could find! Missguided Pretty Little Thing ASOS Boohoo Do you have your outfit sorted yet? Lauren xx Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Outfits Of The Week

Hat - Peacocks Dress - Princess Polly Jacket - Zara Jeans - New Look Sunglasses - Rayban Jacket - HM Jeans - Zara Top - Vintage Skorts - Zara Boots - ASOS Dress - Zara Jumper - Primark Dress worn as skirt - Next Tee - Disney Leggings - Select Which is your favourite? I'll be on a flight from London to Boston when this goes up.  Be sure to follow along on my 3 week American travels on my Insta @wonky_lauren Lauren xx Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

What I Ate Today

Welcome to the first in my series of 'What I Ate Today'!  For a bit of background, I try to eat a plant based diet whilst cooking for myself and the rest of the time I pretty much eat anything except meat.  I believe in having a balanced diet.  So here's what I ate today (or yesterday when I wrote this post!)... Breakfast 1 small bowl of porridge (I have ready oats by Sainsburys) with almond milk 1 cup of green tea Lunch 2 wholemeal rolls with soya butter and Quorn slices (the turkey and sage ones) 500ml of water Dinner Courgetti with guacamole and Quorn pieces (the chicken style ones) 1 glass of cherries and berries squash Snacks Dark chocolate Looking at this I really need to add in more fruit!  Maybe to my porridge or as a mid-morning snack?  I'm hoping writing a food diary down will help improve my diet.   What did you have today? Lauren xx Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

My Birthday At The Ivy

It was my birthday on Saturday just gone and I decided to celebrate at the Ivy Market Grill in Covent Garden, London.  Now that I'm in my late twenties I much prefer to have dinner or brunch with friends rather than going to a club, but that doesn't mean that alcohol wasn't involved! We booked a table for lunchtime and when we arrived the restaurant was already buzzing and packed full of people.  The decor is very traditional looking with leather seats and dark wooden tables.  The location is right in the heart of Covent Garden so very easy to find which is good as they only hold your table for 15 minutes! We decided to order a starter rather than a main as we wanted to save room for dessert! I went for the avocado and spinach benedict and we shared a side of truffle and parmesan chips because they are my absolute fave!  We also ordered bellinis to ensure everything was washed down nicely ;) For dessert I went for the salted caramel chocolate bomb

1 Skirt, 3 Ways

Last month I did a post on 1 jacket, 3 ways and I like doing these posts as I'm someone that believes in investing in a few good pieces that you can adapt to any outfit to create the perfect wardrobe. This time I've chosen a denim skirt I bought from Topshop a few years ago (similar here and here ).  Denim skirts are such an essential for any girl's wardrobe because they can literally be worn with anything and below I'm proving it. Look 1 Eyewear - Rayban Jacket - Primark Bag - Aspinal of London The first look I added the jacket for a pop of colour.  I think this would be great for day or night, winter or summer! Look 2 Eyewear - Celine Jumper - Primark For this look I went for something cosy with this chunky jumper.  Perfect for fall or winter months; shopping or dinner with friends . Look 3 Boots - Topshop Eyewear - Primark Lace bodysuit - Urban Outfitters Lastly I went for a more summer look with this lace bodysuit.  I think this wou

Becoming More Independent

Happy Saturday!  And Happy Birthday to me!  I'm not actually writing this on my birthday (just FYI) but am heading to The Ivy in London for a birthday lunch.  Anyway, since I will be turning another year older (and hopefully wiser!) when I post this I thought it rather apt to talk about how I have become more independent over the last few years and how it might help you. I think the biggest thing for me was moving out of my parents' home and living by myself. I wrote a post about buying your first property here if you wanted to check that out. Even if you don't live by yourself I think moving away from parents whether it be to Uni or a house share can make you grow up a lot. You find yourself having to deal with your own bills, washing, cooking, cleaning and pretty much everything else we took for granted and relied on our parents for.  This was a big shocker for me.  I was fortunate enough that my mum worked part time and so was always there to cook dinner

A/W Wish List

I try to be good with my spending, I really do but every few months something inside me just cracks and things get a little cray.  Here are some of the things I'm currently coveting over. ASOS Boohoo Sephora Target ASOS Phew!  And there's probably loads more I've forgotten.  I'm actually writing this the day before Black Friday so hopefully I can score some good deals!  Did you get any this year? Lauren xx Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Questions Everyone With Tattoos Has Heard

A slightly different post today.  If you follow me on Instagram ( @wonky_lauren ) you may or may not have noticed some of my tattoos.  In fact, I have 6 so far and want more!  It's true what they say about them being addictive.  I am planning on doing a Q&A style post soon.  I normally hold back from personal details on here but after two years I think maybe it's time you got to know the girl behind the blog and I would love to get to know my readers better too. Anyway, if any of you have tattoos you will know what it's like when you get the same old questions over and over. Number 1 being "You'll regret that when you're older".   "Did it hurt?" "Have you got any more?" I always seem to shock people with the amount of tattoos I have as a lot of them are pretty well covered.  When choosing my tattoos I purposely get them in places so I could cover them easily if I wanted, especially for my job. "What d

Outfits Of The Week

Tee - Disney Leggings - Select Jumper - Primark Maxi dress worn as skirt - Next Jacket - H&M Jeans - Zara Hat - Peacocks Dress - Princess Polly Jacket - Zara Jeans - New Look Jacket - Primark Boots - Hunter Tee - Missguided Jeans - DKNY Which one is your favourite?  Follow me on Instagram for more outfit inspiration! @wonky_lauren Lauren xx Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Christmas Gift Guide

Holidays are coming!  I had to be super organised this year as I'm going to be away for Christmas.  Actually, it didn't involve much organisation at all but me saying to my family "is it okay if I give you your presents after Christmas?" because I plan to buy them stuff whilst I'm away which I think is much more exciting!  Anyway, if you are having to do your Christmas shopping here and you're stuck for ideas I found these really great items below that I think will make awesome gifts. Makeup Junkie Left - Sephora Favourites $75 Right - Sephora Collection $25 Fashion Lover Left - Newlook Clutch £19 Right - New Look Scarf £19 Book Worm Left - I Am Malala Right - The Girl On The Train Techie Left - Argos tablet £50 Right - Argos home cinema £90 Party Animals Left - Boots Kopparberg set £12 Right - Boots Smirnoff set £20 Foodie Left - Giant Ferrero Rocher £5 Right - Tesco caramel truffles £5 Which gi