What I Ate Today

Welcome to the first in my series of 'What I Ate Today'!  For a bit of background, I try to eat a plant based diet whilst cooking for myself and the rest of the time I pretty much eat anything except meat.  I believe in having a balanced diet.  So here's what I ate today (or yesterday when I wrote this post!)...


1 small bowl of porridge (I have ready oats by Sainsburys) with almond milk
1 cup of green tea


2 wholemeal rolls with soya butter and Quorn slices (the turkey and sage ones)
500ml of water


Courgetti with guacamole and Quorn pieces (the chicken style ones)
1 glass of cherries and berries squash


Dark chocolate

Looking at this I really need to add in more fruit!  Maybe to my porridge or as a mid-morning snack?  I'm hoping writing a food diary down will help improve my diet.  

What did you have today?

Lauren xx


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