Rock Chick: Get The Look

Hello from Orlando!  It's slighter cooler here than it was in Miami but still lovely and warm compared to London so can't complain.  Be sure to check out my Instagram and Facebook for all updates on my 3 week adventure @wonky_lauren

Today I'm sharing with you my favourite look of all time.  The Rock Chick.  If I had to dress in one style for the rest of my life, this would be it.  There's something just so cool and effortless about the rock chick that I just love.  It suits my criteria for dressing to a T; not much effort required, comfortable, casual and lots of black!

Get the look: winged liner, coat, leggings

Get the look: eyewear, scarf, coat, jeans

Get the look: beanie, shirt

Do you like the rock chick look?

Lauren xx

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