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Merry Christmas Eve from Miami!  I hope everyone is enjoying the festivities and getting excited for the big day tomorrow.  It's so different being here than in London where I have spent every Christmas so far!  Follow my Instagram to keep up with my 3 week America trip @wonky_lauren

Today I thought I'd share with you my favourite apps.  So if you're chilling out today or maybe a little bored waiting for tomorrow then try these out!

Pingit from Barclays

I bank with Barclays and this is their online banking app with allows you to check your account balance at any time which is great for when I'm travelling so I don't overspend! You can also send money or transfer it via the app.


My website is powered by Blogger so I downloaded the app on my iPhone and iPad which I find great for adding photos straight from my phone.


My phone network is with 3 and this app allows me to keep a track of my data allowance, minutes and texts.  I also love the network 3 because I travel a lot and it doesn't charge me anything extra to use my phone abroad.


I have a love/hate with Whatsapp but with my boyfriend living in America it's a great way for us to communicate without getting a hefty bill.  I also really love that you can make calls on it, I only discovered that recently!


I don't use this as much because I prefer the website but it is good for when you're on the go or travelling.


I put these altogether because I think everyone and their dog has accounts so no need to explain.  Feel free to follow me @wonky_lauren or search Wonky Lauren on Facebook :)

National Rail/Tube Map

Living in London I get around a lot on trains and tubes so having this app is essential to helping me get to places.

Around Me

I've had this app for years now and I still love it.  It basically lets you know all the places around you and even works abroad.  I use it for calling cabs when I'm in different parts of the country or for finding places to eat in Europe or America.


I don't get a chance to watch much TV during the week so I record everything and watch it at the weekend.  This app allows me to record stuff straight from my phone.

Dream Days

I used to think apps like this were stupid.  Until I was in a long distance relationship and now it's nice knowing exactly how many months/weeks/days I have until we reunite!

BBC News

I rarely go on here but I like getting notifications of big news reports pop up to keep me in the know.


Does exactly what it says on the tin.


I buy and sell on eBay every now and then so this app is good for when things are about to go off but you're on the move.


Both great apps for booking cabs and comparing prices.


My favourite restaurant.  I know, so cheap and cheerful but I love good Italian food and I could seriously eat here every week.  This app keeps you up to date with all the offers and new menus.


I use this app for putting photo collages together.

Currency XE

This is a great currency converter app and so quick and easy to use.  I use this where I travel a lot or buy things online from the US to send to my boyfriend!


I use this app to create cool effects on my photos such as sparkly bits etc.

What are your favourite apps?  I'm always looking for more to download!

Lauren xx


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