My New Favourite Fitness Class: PiYo

I hope everyone had a good Christmas Day!  How did you celebrate?  Happy Boxing Day for anyone still celebrating today!  I'm still in Miami and they don't have Boxing Day in the States.  You can see everything I'm getting up to on my 3 week America trip on my Instagram and Facebook @wonky_lauren

Today I wanted to tell you all about my new favourite fitness class called PiYo.  I believe it started in America and only came here this year.  My gym has just recently started doing classes and I can't tell you how much I love it!

It's a mixture of pilates and yoga moves at a very fast pace.  My teacher always starts off the class by saying "if you're expecting a yoga class, there's the door" because slow and relaxing it is not!  I was a bit dubious about doing the class at first and actually only ended up doing it by accident because they'd cancelled the class I usually do and replaced it with this one.

It really gives you such a good workout especially strength work.  I feel good afterwards but not liking I'm dying as when I do Insanity classes.  It works all of your muscles and they do different routines to music focusing on different parts of the body.  There's lots of twists and turns involved and what really gets my heart race going is the constant up and down movements at such a fast pace compared to a regular pilates class.

If you enjoy pilates, yoga or tai chi but you sometimes want a bit more of a workout then I think you would love PiYo.  You can visit their website here to find classes near you.

Do you like the sound of PiYo?

Lauren xx


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