10 Thoughts You Have When You're Trying To Be Healthy

We've all been there, the start of a new week or new month and we're all geared up and focused, ready to be healthy forever more but yet we always get the same niggling thoughts at the back of our minds.

I'm sure the majority of us have these thoughts most days...

1.  When you're trying to resist junk food

2.  When getting a take away

3.  You sooooo got this

4.  Having a cheat meal like

5.  Your first day of eating salad

6.  Realising your friends may be a bad influence on your new healthy lifestyle

7.  Trying to remember the last time you ate healthy

8.  Wondering whether this is going to work out for you after all

9.  When you run out of healthy but tasty eating options

10.  Walking down the sweets aisle like

I hope this provided you with some sort of entertainment whilst trying to stay healthy, YOU CAN DO IT BRUCE!

What thoughts do you get when trying to be healthy?

Lauren xx


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