Warsaw, Poland

Old Town

Pretty coloured houses in the Market Square

Vegan almond milk vodka shot!

Mexican breakfast at Stansted airport

One of many museums in the city

We were so lucky with the weather, 21 degrees!

Trying out the infused vodkas, this one was hazelnut

City tours on this cute little tram

Selfie with Warsaw

Lunch al fresco, I had potato cakes

Drinking champagne on the 40th floor, what a view!

Waffle with whipped cream and caramel sauce

I had such a good time in Poland and would highly recommend it.  It's so cheap you just cannot spend your money!  The food wasn't too bad but a lot of stuff did come with cabbage.  They also do lots of infused vodkas if that's your thing and we went to a really cool club that played cheesy music!

The sights were beautiful too and we were so lucky with the warm weather.  It was my first time in Eastern Europe and I really enjoyed it.  Where else can I try?

Lauren xx


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