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I came across the term 'shop my stash' a few months ago but had no idea what it meant. It's basically where you go through all your old makeup and 'shop' for products you'd forgotten about and want to use again.  I thought this was a great concept and would definitely save me money for all these travels I have planned this year!

Here's what I shopped and fell back in love with.

This foundation got really hyped up about a year ago and I used it all the time especially during the summer months as it doesn't get oily but at the same time is not too matte for my dry skin.  What I love most about this foundation is that although they don't have a great shade range, the colours just look beautiful on the skin.  They are more yellow and olive toned.

I know this is a cult fave and it's obvious why.  It's provides such good coverage which is really what we all want from a concealer.  It doesn't crease as long as you set it and they have a brilliant shade range available.  I always like my concealers to be high coverage and my foundations low to medium.

I picked this up a couple of years ago as my friend had it and it was just so beautiful and natural looking.  I love wearing it on holiday as an all over bronze rather than foundation.  Although it's pretty pricey it lasts for ages.  I bought mine about 2 years ago and it's still going strong!

I remember buying this because I was told it was a dupe for Nars orgasm.  It's a gorgeous shimmery pink which doesn't sound like something I would normally go for but it's so subtle I like wearing it on days when I go what to do the whole blush and highlight routine.

I've only had this mascara about 4-5 months but I never keep them more than 6 so that's long for me.  This has been majorly hyped up in the beauty world as one of the best drugstore mascaras.  I do think Maybelline does the best drugstore mascaras though.  At first I didn't like it as I found it too clumpy for my thin lashes but after a few uses that seemed to die down and I use it pretty much everyday.

The name of this always make me laugh, maybe because I can be a bit of a snob myself sometimes.  It's a real pale pink colour and looks gorgeous with a gloss over top.

Have you ever shopped your stash?

Lauren xx


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