London. Oh London.

London is my home and always will be.  I was born and raised here and when the time comes I would like my own children to be born and raised here.  Don't get me wrong, I LOVE to travel and would even love to live somewhere outside the UK one day (see my bucket list here) but I would only ever settle in London.

If you've never visited London, WHY THE HELL NOT?!  Just kidding.  It can be a pretty expensive city but there are definitely ways of doing things cheaply if you know how.  Here are some things I recommend you try if you ever find yourself in the capital.

Where to Eat

You have to go to a greasy spoon and try a full English fry up.  You seriously can't beat them, especially after a heavy night!

Stop by a pie and mash shop but make sure you order it with liquor (no it's not alcoholic).  It looks a bit yucky but trust me it's good.

If you're looking for something a bit more fancy or 'posh' as we like to say then my all time favourite restaurant is Sketch in Mayfair.  Make sure you check out the bathrooms!

What to See

Greenwich Park is always a lovely day out.  It's more Southeast London and you can take the train there from most central stations.  It's a huge park and home to the Queen's summer house.

If you like your bridges, we have plenty!  If you walk over Westminster Bridge you can see Big Ben and Westminster Abbey where Will and Kate got married.

Most of our museums are also free and home to some of the best art work #JustSaying

Getting Around

Get yourself an Oyster and pay as you go.  You can top it up online or at various stations and newsagents around London.  It will also have a daily limit so you don't spend loads when you've traveled on lots of different trains or buses.

We have so many trains and buses you will never have to wait long to get anywhere.  Tubes are great also and very easy to use once you know how but there is a free app you can download.

Where to Stay

To be honest you really can stay anywhere because our public transport is that good you can get around easily.  Also, London is quite spread out so there's no one place that you can see everything, you will have to be prepared to travel.

Hope this helps!  You can see my other London guide here.

Lauren xx


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