Thursday Thirty: 30 Things I'd Like To Do Before I'm 30

A slight twist on today's 'Thursday Ten'.  Now that I've passed my quarter-of-a-century birthday and my next big birthday being the Big Three Oh it got me thinking of things I'd like to do before I get there.

I feel like when I turn 30 I'll be all grown up and responsible and maybe think about settling down and starting a family.. woah!  So whilst I'm still young and carefree here's what I'd like to tick off:

1.  Write a book
2.  Go to Hollywood
3.  Climb a mountain
4.  Find a four leafed clover
5.  See the Grand Canyon
6.  Put gum on the Seattle gum wall
7.  Visit Thailand
8.  Be on the cover of a magazine
9.  Go to Glastonbury festival
10.  See the Northern Lights
11.  Visit Niagra Falls
12.  Learn a foreign language
13.  Run a marathon
14.  Swim under a waterfall
15.  Work with TWLOHA
16.  Learn to use chopsticks properly
17.  Learn how to skateboard
18.  Stand on the Golden Gate Bridge
19.  Live somewhere outside the UK
20.  Go in a hot air balloon
21.  See a show at The Globe Theatre
22.  Trend on Twitter
23.  Get married
24.  Learn to ski
25.  Go paragliding
26.  Visit the Kiyomizu Temple in Japan
27.  Meet Skrillex
28.  Learn to surf
29.  Learn to play guitar
30.  Visit Ireland

Okay, so some of them aren't exactly realistic, some could take a whole lifetime to achieve and some are just out of my control but hey, a girl can dream right?

What's on your bucket list?

Lauren xx


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