Santorini, Greece

Santorini is a very small Greek island on the Aegean sea and it is hands down the most beautiful place I have ever visited.  EVER!!  Before that it was Croatia (photos here). I knew it was going to be amazing because I'd heard so many good things about it but seeing it for yourself in all it's glory was just breathtaking.  I can totally understand why people come back again and again.

It's quite a mountainous place and there were lots of people hiking (myself included). Then once you get to the top you can see the whole of the island and the views are just out of this world.  You take a photo and it looks like a postcard.  Even the most amateur of photographers couldn't make this place look bad.

It was just blue and white as far as the eye can see which kind of makes sense since the Greek flag is blue and white.  We stayed in the area of Imerovigli in a hotel called Meli Meli (which means honey honey in Greek) and I would highly recommend this place.  It was so good for the price and the staff were super helpful.

As the island is small it has a lot of little boutique hotels and our hotel Meli Meli only consisted of 6 rooms which I loved because it meant that most days we had the pool to ourselves!  Our room was in fact situated pool side and we had a little table and chairs outside to eat on.  The room included breakfast which was served to our room each morning at a time of our choice.

The breakfast included warm pastries, coffee and fresh juice.  Perfect.  I was actually out here for my best friend's wedding and it was the perfect location for it.  So romantic, peaceful and tranquil.  The venue was at Le Ciel and the ceremony overlooked the sea. My friend had the best day as did all the guests.

One evening we visited a restaurant close by called Avocado which I had heard was the number one restaurant in the area and now I know why.  It was such a cute little place and served traditional Greek food which I LOVE!  I had the falafel and my sister went for the moussaka.  Both were delicious.

On the last day of our trip we visited Oia which was my favourite part of the island and really showed the true beauty of Santorini.  From a distance it looked like a little toy town, just unreal.  There were a lot more restaurants here to eat and especially seafood places.  There's so much to see and do and photograph.

I would highly recommend Santorini to anyone looking for a chilled out break with amazing scenery.  Oh and don't even get me started on the sunsets...

Lauren xx


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