Party Planning: Celebrating Milestone Birthdays

Last week one of my best friends turned 30.  Last year one of my other best friends turned 30 and later this year I will be joining them in the big 3-oh club.  30 is obviously a milestone birthday, despite my dad keep teasing me that it's not just because he wants to get out of buying me a big present haha, no chance!

So you want to do something big and memorable to mark the occasion.  Here are a few ideas I've come up with inspired by my friend's celebrations and celebrations I am planning for my own.


This can be at a fancy restaurant, your favourite restaurant or maybe inviting some guests round and you to cook a nice meal.  Having a dinner to celebrate your birthday is such a classic crowd pleasing way to go.  I think this is something I will probably do with my friends and family.


Vacations and little getaways are a great way to celebrate a milestone birthday.  For my friend's recent 30th we went to Warsaw in Poland (post here) and it was great.  We had lovely food, lovely weather, dancing, shots and good times with good people!


My friend that celebrated her 30th last year booked a table in a club in London.  There was lots of champagne and cocktails and they made a great fuss over my friend which was lovely.  We danced the night away but still had somewhere to sit and chill when we needed (getting old now haha).


You can throw a party at home or in a hall.  I did something similar for my 21st and hired a function room at my local gym.  We had a DJ, a buffet table, a bar and a dance floor.  It's great if you have a lot of people to invite.

How do you celebrate a milestone birthday?  I need some more ideas before mine!

Lauren xx


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