Little Suede Mini

Something that I've always loved about fashion and something that I learnt at an early age is that a style will always make a comeback at some point.  Take the little suede mini for example, it was big in the 60s and now it has come right back around in the teens (is that what we're calling it??)  I bought a fab one from Forever21, a store that I've loved for a long time (you can see all the love I have for it here!)

I then got this amazing patchwork one from Zara for Christmas which I took to Florida with me.  It's perfect for daytime or evening really but I wore it to a gig in Orlando with a long sleeve black top and black studded ankle boots for more of a rock chick vibe!

The suede trend in generally just seems to be getting bigger and bigger and will be around for a while yet.  Here are some of my favourite suede minis out there at the moment.



Are you a fan of the little suede mini?

Lauren xx 

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