My Current Candle Collection

I was never really one for lighting candles which I know isn't very blogger of me but I just wasn't fussed by them.  I think I was also scared that I would knock it over or forget to blow it out after use.  So I just had them around the house but never lit them lol.  Is that weird?

Anyway, after I spent a month in America (posts here and here) and came back in January I discovered that my boiler was no longer working.  It was 10 years old so it had had it's day.  Anyway, I had to wait a long and very cold 3 weeks before I could get it fixed and during this time decided, during a desperate attempt to keep warm, to light some candles.

The candles didn't really keep me much warmer but they did help take my mind off the cold haha.  And that's when I really got into them.  Then I went to a candle party by Party Lite and learnt so much about different candles.  The candles they sell there are much better for you as they don't let off any toxic fumes.

I picked up a black one in a chocolate orange scent just for something different.  I also have some beautiful Jo Malone candles which are probably my fave and then a really pretty Christmassy red one from The Sanctuary.  I'd like to get a Yankee Candle as I hear they do really great scents.

Where do you find the best candles?

Lauren xx

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