Make-Up Do's and Don'ts!

Just a post giving tips on what I think looks good and what doesn't.  Obviously you don't have to go by this and if you do something a certain way which works for you then carry on doing that :)


It's important to get a foundation that is the right colour for you.  The best way to choose is to get it to match your skin.  Some people have more pinky tones, especially if they are quite pale, and others may have a more yellow tone, especially if you wear fake tan.


Again it's important to get a powder that's the right shade, compliments your foundation shade and doesn't override it.  Some people use a powder foundation over the top of their foundation which it not really necessary.  It's best to use a pressed powder over your foundation, especially if the foundation is full coverage, as it will make your make-up look too cakey and heavy.


A lot of people seem to use too much bronzer but sometimes this can look muddy and over the top.  What I find best is to use it as a contour to sculpt out my cheekbones, run along my forehead and down my nose. Leaving my cheeks free for blush which brings me onto my next step...


This is just put on the apples of the cheeks and bring it lightly up to my temples. However, if you've gone overboard with the bronzer and then put blusher over the top it just looks too much.


A lot of people seem to neglect their eyebrows.  If you shape them right and fill them in properly they can change your whole face and make you look a lot prettier.  If you are blessed with full eyebrows then you just need to get them waxed into a shape to compliment your face shape.  If you're not then you can fill them in with an eyebrow pencil or eye shadow that matches your brow colour then set them in place with an eyebrow gel.


Highlighter is meant to be used in moderation because it is so eye catching in itself so if you have a thick highlighter stripe down your face it's going to be too much.  It's better to go for a nice subtle sheen down the cheekbone which will lift them.

Eye Shadow

Blend, blend, blend is the secret here!  You don't want any harsh noticeable lines where your skin starts and your eye shadow ends.  It's important to invest in a good brush for this and use wind screen wiper motions to blend the eye shadow in.

Eye Liner

My next point is to do a bit of eye liner on your top eyelid and blend it out with a brush. Then put a bit on your bottom from the outer corner to the middle and along your water line.  It should always be more thick on the top than the bottom.


The next common mistake is that people do their mascara really clumpy and that makes your lashes stick together.  You need to push your lashes up and away to get a really good clump free and long lashed look.


I really hate when people wear lipsticks that are far too light for them or wear concealer on their lips.  It's not meant for that purpose and will dry your lips out.  Go for a colour that suits you as not every colour suits everyone.

I hope this post was useful and I didn't offend anyone!  If you don't do your make-up this way there's nothing wrong with that.  I'm not saying this is the best way to do it and everyone has to follow.  I just find this the most flattering way and compliments the face.

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