The Most In-Demand Skill of 2019

According to LinkedIn, the most in-demand skill of 2019 is creativity.  I personally think this is because of how technologically advanced we are now.  With bloggers and Youtubers and online business, creativity is key.  So how do you become more creative?

I get it, some people are just naturally more creative than others but we all suffer from ‘writer’s block’ or ‘lack of inspiration’ from time to time so here are some of my tips I have picked up doing research along the way on the topic of how to keep those creative juices flowing!

  1. Speak to those around you that inspire you.  I’m not saying to copy people but have a chat with those you know that are creative and see what inspires and works for them.  It may work for you too.  I also love using Twitter to see what others are writing about for inspiration.  Just like I did with this post after reading a post by LinkedIn on creativity.

  1. Keep a notebook handy.  Sometimes out of nowhere you will just be inspired by something and have lots of creative ideas so make sure you have somewhere to write them down until you can use them properly.  I love using the notepad app on my phone to write down new blog post titles on subjects I want to talk about.

  1. Stop procrastinating.  I know this is probably obvious and you’ve heard it so many times before but sometimes you need to stop putting things off and just give it a go.  You never know how well it will turn out.  Even if you just do a rough draft or outline of what you want to achieve you can always come back to it and add to it over time when you’re feeling more creative.  So do it now!

  1. Experiment.  This kind of ties in with what I say above about not knowing how good something can be until you try it.  You want to create something that stands out and isn’t the same as the rest so experiment with different ideas and see how they turn out.

  1. Learn something new.  If you really completely run out of new ideas then why not try learning something new?  A new skill?  A new exercise?  Recipe?  Anything!  Not only will it inspire you but it will also open up a whole avenue of new discussions on your chosen new topic.

How do you keep creative?

Lauren xx

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