How To Stay Stylish When It's Cold Outside

The cold weather can really put a spanner in the works for us fashionistas; we want to stay warm but also look stylish, we want to be cosy and practical but without looking outdated and boring.  However, it doesn't always have to be this difficult with these top tips.

Buy yourself a cool puffer jacket

Your coat or jacket is going to be an integral part of your outfit in making you look more stylish as this is probably the only thing people will see (or at least the first thing they see) so make it count.  There are loads of trendy jackets out there that are still very warm just like the puffer coat.  You can go for a chic long black one which will go with everything and feel like you're wearing a sleeping bag or you can go for a colourful patterned one to really make a statement.

Invest in some stylish but practical boots

Boots are probably the warmest type of footwear and there are some really stylish snow boots and walking boots on the market right now.  I particularly like ones with some colourful laces for just a little pop with a plain outfit.  Or you could go for some sleek black wellie boots, these are perfect for the rain and keeping your legs even warmer.

Double up

I'll let you into a little secret, when the weather is super icy and cold I generally will wear two pairs of tights or a pair of leggings under my jeans.  No-one will know but you'll still look super stylish whilst keeping warm.  You can also add layers onto your top half like a vest under a jumper or a roll neck under a cardigan always works well.

Accessorise to the max

And finally the must haves in cold weather; the hat, scarf and gloves combo.  This is a fail safe way of keeping warm and stylish.  You can go super cool with a beanie, chic and stylish with a designer scarf and cute with some fluffy mittens.  Whatever your style there will be something for you so never leave home in the cold weather without these staple accessories.

How do you like to stay stylish in the cold weather?

Lauren xx

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