2 Quick and Easy Ponytail Styles

Hey guys,

I wanted to share with you two cute and easy ponytails styles that are really quick to do.

1. Sleek High Ponytail

This look is super easy and does not give you a headache as some high ponytails do.  You can also add extensions to your hair to this look for a longer ponytail.

First you want to take your hairspray and spray the front of your hair and then round underneath.  Then take a brush and smooth the hair back.  Then brush all the way round and hold it all into a high ponytail or as high as you want it to be on top of your head.  Once you’ve got it really smooth you are then going to tighten it with a hair band.  Then apply more hairspray.

You can then take a section of the hair (about 1inch wide) and wrap that around the hair band, securing with a bobbie pin.

Then you’re all finished and should be left with the perfect ponytail J

A further step to this look could be to braid the ponytail if you have longer hair or extensions in.  You could do a 3 piece plait or a fishtail braid.

2. Soft Romantic Ponytail

I think this look is perfect for school or work and so easy to do.  You don’t need any fancy equipment, just a hair tie.

You need to grab a section at the top of your head first and make a loose ponytail securing with a hair tie, leaving the bottom half down.  Then you split the bit between the hair tie and your head in two, take the ends of your hair (that’s in the ponytail) and pull it into the opening.

Then you keep grabbing a section from each side of the hair that is left down and pull it through the hole.  This should make the ponytail looser and pull the ponytail down.  When it’s loose and low then you can stop.

And that’s it, that’s your finished look!

I hope these looks are easy for you to follow, any questions please ask and I hope you have fun recreating them.

Lauren xx

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Twitter: wonky_lauren


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