Bumbags Are Your New Best Friend

Remember in the 80s when everyone wore bumbags?  Yeah me neither but the 80s trend has come back around and with it is the revival of the bumbag.  When I first heard that bumbags were back in fashion I wasn't sure.  They reminded me of old tourists fumbling around London or my ex Primary school teachers on school trips.

Then I saw people wearing them to festivals or around Ibiza and it struck me that actually the bumbag was the perfect type of bag to carry all your essentials at a festival without them getting lost or stolen but still keeping your hands and arms free to dance!  Oh and hold drinks ;)

I also saw people were designing their own so I decided to get a little creative and bought faux leather one from the luggage store in Bluewater and then ordered some gold studs on eBay.  I then stuck them on to the front in a little design and was actually really happy with it.  I wore it in Ibiza and again at any festivals I had.  It was so handy but also looked rather cool (I think).

Here are some of my favourites around.  

What do you think of the bumbag trend?

P.S. I am walking BAREFOOT over HOT COALS for Headway East London charity tomorrow.  You can sponsor me HERE if you would like :)

Lauren xx


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