eBay Bargains

We all love a good bargain and one of the best places to get them is eBay.  You can honestly buy anything on here.  You will be surprised at the things people don't want or the brand new items you can get for so much cheaper than anywhere else.  They do such good dupes so I always be sure to check eBay before forking out elsewhere.

Here are some of the random things I had bought for my weird little life of late..

Clear Spectacles

I bought these clear spectacles for about £2 cos I thought they might look cool.  I'm not sure they do haha but that's the great thing about eBay, it's so cheap that it doesn't matter!

A Harmonica

See, I told you I buy the weird and random shit.  The harmonica is my favourite instrument so I thought, heck, why not try and learn to play it!  This cost me around £3.

Black Suede Choker

I've wanted just a plain black choker for ages and to be honest I don't know why I didn't just go to Primark.  This one cost me about £1 but I had to wait over a week for it and then it was too big!

Rayban and Celine Sunglasses Dupes

I love buying sunglasses on eBay because they always have such dupes (not necessarily fakes with logos etc) on there.  I bought both these pairs for around £4 each with free postage.

Do you love an eBay bargain?  What do you like to buy?

Lauren xx


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