Market Crush: Top 5 London Markets

Markets are quite traditional in Europe.  I don't mean the Farmer's Market style ones I mean the proper long markets that sell all kinds of things from clothes to furniture, second hand goods and one off vintage pieces.

Growing up in London it was a tradition in my family to frequent the various markets across town and we still have that tradition now.  Here are my top markets in and around London.

Roman Road Market, Bethnal Green

This is one of the first markets I ever visited as a kid and I have very fond memories being here and scoffing hot doughnuts from the fresh doughnut stall.  Ahh they were so good, 10 for £1!  Open Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

Dagenham Market, Essex

This is probably the one I visit the most now and I love picking up clothes bargains that rival designers and the latest trends.  They have a carpark but get there early.  Only open on a Sunday.

Greenwich Vintage Market

Closest to my house but only small, this market is great for getting one off pieces and I like to pick up stuff for the home here.  Open everyday.

East Street Market, Walworth

I used to visit this one with my nan on the bus.  I haven't been here for years but it's pretty similar to the Roman Road.  Open everyday except Monday.

Deptford Market, Lewisham

This one is good for picking up cheap produce; fruit and veg etc.  They also have stalls selling household cleaning products which are cheaper than the shops.  Open Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

Where are your favourite markets?  I'd love to visit them!

Lauren xx


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