5 Easy Healthy Vegan Snacks

When I decided to go vegan a few months ago I made sure I did a lot of research.  I actually went vegan about 7 years ago but never really did much research so ended up eating just as unhealthily as I was before.  So this time I wanted to make sure I was doing it properly.  My main reason for becoming vegan was for animal welfare but secondly because I feel it's a lot cleaner and healthier if you do it right.

Here are a few of my favourite recipes I found for snacks since becoming vegan.  I hope I can inspire you enough to maybe even take the plunge for a plant based diet too!  Literally any meal can be made vegan so you're really not missing out and these snack ideas prove it.  For more vegan recipes just check out my Pinterest board here.

Please share any vegan recipes you have and let me know if you try any of these!

Lauren xx


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