How to Wear a Pink Lip

Wearing a pink lip can sometimes be quite hard, especially if it's a rather bright and vibrant shade but I think it looks so lovely for this time of the year.

My favourite shade of pink is Impassioned by MAC.  It's very bright and has such a creamy texture that it glides on really well and stays put for quite a few hours.  I find I never have to wear a lip liner with this one either.

When wearing a pink lip I think it's important to get the rest of your make up right so that you don't look washed up and colours don't clash.

So starting off with the skin I would get myself nice and tanned.  My favourite tanners at the moment are the Superdrug Solait tan in dark and also Tan Truth which you can get from Sally's Salon Services.  Where I have just come back from Ibiza I have still got a bit of a tan so every few days I use the St Tropez Everyday gradual tanner and this helps top up my tan slightly.

Then you've got to get the make-up right so starting off I use Rimmel BB cream in medium matte which I'm really loving at the moment.  I like to fill in my eyebrows using the Anastasia Dipbrow pomade in dark brown, eyes I keep quite neutral either adding loads of mascara or fake lashes.  I also sometimes pop in some blue contacts as I think a bright lip looks really nice with blue eyes.  Then I add a bronzer and a quite muted blush like Sleek's rose gold so as to not overpower the lip and I'm done.

So that's what I found works best for me. How do you like to wear a pink lip?

Lauren xx

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