How To Weatherproof Your Bags And Boots

Sorry if this is a bit of a boring post but I feel like it's necessary to know how to keep your [designer] bags and boots from getting ruined in harsh weather conditions.  I mean, you paid money for them after all and if you're as much as a shoe lover as me you definitely won't want them getting spoilt!

When I purchased my first designer handbag from Mulberry the lady at the till asked me if I also wanted to purchase a can of leather protector.  I've been offered this before in various shoe shops and always decline as I just think it's them trying to get another sale.  However, when you are spending half your pay cheque on one purchase you realise that maybe an extra tenner to protect it is not such a bad deal after all!

So I reluctantly paid the extra £8 for this spray and use it every time before going out in poor weather and you know what, 7 years later that Mulberry bag is [almost] as good as new!

I now use these sprays on all my bags and shoes and wonder whether I never invested in one before! The one I have is Collonil Waterstop spray and retails for £10, however, you can get slightly cheaper ones for around £5.  Get one, you won't regret it!  It also comes in a gel form which I think it better for shoes?  But I just find the sprays easier.

How do you protect your bags and shoes?

Lauren xx

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