The Winter Makeup Menu

As I've mentioned a thousand times before, I have dry skin and in the winter this dry skin gets even worse and so I sometimes struggle with what makeup to wear in order to not accentuate any dry patches but also will not dry my skin out more as I find some makeup can do that.


For a base I always always apply moisturiser before my foundation in order to stop it drying out and I also skip the primer.  I don't know whether this is bad or not but it works for me with my dry skin.  I then like to go for a slighter higher coverage foundation such as Makeup Forever's Ultra HD or Maybelline's Fit Me.  I know a lot of people like matte foundations but they don't work for me unless I add in a tinted moisturiser.

I try not to go too mad on concealer if I have a heavier foundation and also don't feel the need to highlight too much as my skin is generally looking quite pale during the winter anyway.


For the daytime I don't do much different and just add a brow gel through my eyebrows and a mascara to my lashes.  For evenings I like a brown smokey eye or a winged eyeliner.


A little bit of bronzer to make my pale complexion slightly more healthy looking but nothing heavy.  Instead I like a heavy blush as I think it's looks gorgeous with pale skin, like a natural flush from the cold.


Winter lips are all about dark, bold colours.  Around Christmas time I like to wear a classic red lip especially with winged eyeliner.  My favourite reds at the moment are Nyx Indie Flick and Mac's Ruby Woo.

What's on your winter makeup menu?

Lauren xx


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