How I Clean My Makeup Brushes

As much as we begrudge doing it, every now and then we should really do a good cleanse of our brushes and sponges.  If we don't, bacteria will build up which will transfer onto our skin and cause SPOTS!!  Yep, and nobody wants that.

But you're probably wondering how best to clean them.  I honestly had no idea and buying brush cleaners can be expensive so I have a good DIY trick that will save you money!

You basically wash them how you would wash your hair.  You grab your shampoo, doesn't have to be anything fancy and add a little to the palm of your hand.  Get the top of the brush slightly damp being careful to hold the brush downwards so the bristles are at the bottom.  This is because if you hold it the other way the water will run into the glue where the bristles are and weaken them causing them to fall out.

You then rub your brush into your palm and you should see all the foundation coming away.  Keep doing this and then running it under the tape until it runs clear.  Then you want to add a little conditioner and use the same method.  This will keep the bristles nice and soft.

Once you've washed all your brushes you'll want to dry them so lay them flat on a piece of kitchen roll preferably near a radiator to quicken the process so you can use as soon as!

I also use this technique for cleaning my beauty blender but does anyone have any better method for cleaning a sponge?

Lauren xx


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