10 Things That Seem Like A Good Idea When You're Drunk

I'll be honest, I very rarely drink alcohol these days so when I do it doesn't take me long to get drunk.  Cheap date, I know.  With the party season fast approaching I figured there will be quite a few of us getting tipsy and merry (and why shouldn't we!) and maybe doing silly things that seem like such a good idea at the time.  We've all been there right?

1.  Shots, shots and more shots!  It's like the drunker you get the more alcohol you want.  Recipe for disaster right there.

2.  Stumbling along to the kebab shop at the end of the night and ordering half the menu.  There goes the diet!

3.  Texting/calling your ex.  Then cringing the next morning as you read through the messages!

4.  Singing loudly in the middle of the street to One Direction because you think you have the best voice ever.  And you don't.

5.  Becoming besties with the cab driver taking you home and asking him all sorts of personal questions because you're besties and that's perfectly acceptable.

6.  Buying rounds and rounds of drinks for everyone because you love your friends so much but then the next morning your bank account hates you.

7.  Consoling the random crying girl that is upset because her boyfriend cheated on her, therefore, you need to make it your mission to hunt him down.

8.  Kissing someone you're not even remotely attracted to.  Hello beer goggles!

9.  Taking your shoes off and dancing around bare foot.  Probably losing your shoes and cutting your feet in the process!

10.  Busting out your best dance moves you've been practising in your bedroom when in reality they're best kept in the bedroom.  For no-one to see.  Ever.

I've got to say, these aren't all things I've done personally but where I am always the sober one I get to see a lot of drunken behaviour which is rather entertaining haha.

Do you have any to add?

Lauren xx


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