Superdrug Creme Sensations Black Cherry Hair Dye

This weekend I decided to dye my hair as I was really bored with the colour AGAIN!  I like to change my hair colour maybe twice a year to update it for the season ahead.  If you remember I had caramel highlights/ombre "bronde" through my hair over the summer so now that we are into autumn/winter I wanted to go back to dark.

I was in Superdrug on a bit of a spending spree (post coming next!) and they were doing an offer on their hair dye of two boxes for £5.  I used this brand earlier in the year to dye my hair dark brown so I knew I liked it and was not allergic.  What I love about this dye is that it's semi-permanent so only going to last 6-8 weeks which is great for someone like me that gets bored easily.  It also has no amonia and added keratin so won't harm the hair.

The process was super easy.  I mixed the colour in with the toner and gave it a good shake.  I then put on the plastic gloves and started to apply it all over my dry hair.  I started with the roots and worked my way down to the ends ensuring my whole head was covered.  I then left it on for 30 minutes, it said 20 on the box but I wanted to get an intense colour.  I then washed it off in the shower making sure to double shampoo and go in with the colour conditioner it came with.

I'm really happy with the colour.  It's a little redder than I expected probably because it was blonde underneath but I like it red as I was more worried it would be too dark for my skin tone.

If you are considering dying your hair at home I would highly recommend it.  These home dying kits are super easy to use and follow, you just can't mess up!  Make sure to do an allergy test 24 hours before and you'll be good.  It's also so much cheaper than going to the salon for a hair dye, I've been dying my own hair for years.

Feel free to ask me any questions you might have in the comments!

Lauren xx


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