Ibiza Made Me Do It

Hey guys,

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while but this is caused by the fact that I have been on the island of Ibiza!  So that is what this post is going to be all about today.

Now I stayed in the resort of San Antonio which is notoriously known for it’s clubbing and party scene.  For those of you that are not into that you may want to stop reading now!

The flight to Ibiza from London takes about 2 and a half hours so it’s not too long.  We then took a transfer to San Antonio which was about another half hour.

We arrived in San Antonio in the early evening so we’d missed any sunbathing but still plenty of time for partying!  People will pretty much party all day and all night in Ibiza.  It really is the island that never sleeps.  For me, I like to party it up during the night but take time to chill round the pool during the day.


For our first night we decided to take it easy and just have a few drinks in the bar strip which they call The West End.  However, it is a far cry from the West End we are used to in London!  It is full of bars upon bars heaving with drunken people all up for a good time.  You always have hundreds of promoters standing outside all offering you the best deals on drinks to try to get you into their bar.  So we went for a little bar crawl in the West End for a few hours before retiring back to our hotel for some much needed sleep.  We knew we were going to have a pretty mental week ahead!


The next day we chilled around our hotel pool and then around lunchtime went for a stroll along the beach and got ice creams.  This became our regular routine for during the day.

That night we heard that Example and DJ Wire were headlining at Ibiza Rocks so we purchased tickets and went along.  I think the tickets were about 35 euros.  I’ve always loved Example and have seen him play in London before.  Seeing him at Ibiza Rocks was awesome because it’s such a cool venue and you could get really close which makes the show more intimate which I like.  Ibiza Rocks is a really good venue for seeing artists perform, however, I am not sure I would want to stay in the hotel.  A few of our friends stayed there and said it was quite over-rated.  They have an annoying tokens system whereby you have to buy tokens in order to purchase drinks or food and if you have any tokens left over you aren’t able to use them another day because they change the colour of the tokens!  Seems like too much hassle for me.

The show finished around midnight so after that we headed into the West End again and had a really good night in some of the bars there.



I woke up this morning and my legs were aching.  I think we must have been dancing for about 8hrs last night and I think this was the reason!

Tonight we wanted to go to Zoo Project as we heard that Saturday was the best night (they only hold it on Saturdays and Wednesdays).  I think the tickets were 45 euros.  For this a lot of people will dress up as animals and get face and body paint done.  So we visited a little shop in the West End where they said they would do our face and arm for 25 euros which I thought was pretty good.  They even came along to our hotel to do this.

We headed to Zoo Project about 8:30pm as it finished at midnight so we wanted to get a good few hours in.  We took a taxi and it cost us 10 euros.  When we got there the venue was absolutely awesome.  It literally looked like a zoo and had lots of different places to explore.  Unfortunately you weren’t allowed to take cameras in so I wasn’t able to get any photos.  However, the music wasn’t really to my liking and after a while we sat down and enjoyed some of the shows that were put on.  I would describe the music as more ‘chilled Ibiza’ sounds and for me I like it a bit heavier so I was like “where’s the bass?!”  Anyway, it was still a good experience and I really enjoyed dressing up.  We then took the disco bus back to San An which was free and again went to the West End.


So Sunday is when the real clubbing started for us.  We did our usual pool/beach stroll during the day and decided we would head to Space that night.  Space is one of the more famous clubs in Ibiza and is situated in a town called Playa d’en Bossa.  This is also where the famous Bora Bora beach is so a lot of people (more hardcore than me!) will go to Bora Bora during the day for a day rave and then straight onto Space afterwards.  However, we didn’t do this as we like to chill during the day, get a little disco nap in around 7pm and then head out about midnight. 

We went to the West End first and then we took the disco bus which was 3 euros to Playa d’en Bossa.  We arrived at Space about 2:30am.  Luckily for us my friend was DJing at Space that night so he got us on guest list for free entry.  Otherwise I think tickets were about 45 euros.  The night was called We Love Space and featured headline acts such as Groove Armada and Foamo.  This was a really really good night and I think we made it back to our hotel about 7am!


Monday is the night we decided to head to the naughty club that is DC10.  I think the tickets were 40 euros.  Sorry I’m not saying much about the day but really all we did was pool and beach, chilled and slept!  So anyway, if you ask anyone that has been to DC10 they will tell you this club is deadly!  When I heard this I was really really excited to see what it was all about.  The night we decided to go on was called Circo Loco which I know they have in London sometimes too.  It started at 4pm and went on until 4am.  However, as I said before we are not as hardcore as some people in Ibiza and like to chill during the day so we headed over there for about 10:30pm when the party had really got started.  This was such a good night, probably my favourite night of the lot in fact.  The music was so good.  It was like a really deep house with a bit of bass thrown in.  Everyone was having a really good time and dancing (or skanking as they like to call it) the night away.



Tonight we wanted to hit Amnesia as it was a night called Together which is basically drum & bass and dubstep which I loooooooooooooveee!!  I was so excited for this night and determined that it would be my favourite night.  The headline acts were Chase & Status, Afro Jack, Knife Party and Sub Focus.  There was also a girl called Hannah Wants playing and I have heard really good things about her.  I think she is going to be the next big thing in dubstep!  The tickets for this were 50 euros and I was so so hyped up for it.

First we decided to go to Linekers Bar which is owned by my friend’s cousin.  Because of this it meant that we got free drink all night.  However, this proved to be a bit of a problem because we obviously took full advantage of the free booze and got so wasted that we didn’t even make it to Amnesia L  I don’t even remember how we got back to the hotel.  Not a winner!  So I was really really bummed about this.  Fortunately, I have seen a lot of the artists perform before and I have also been to Amnesia before.  It was just annoying that we’d paid out for a ticket and I really was looking forward to it as you don’t get many dubstep nights in Ibiza, it’s mainly house.


Anyway, Wednesday came around which meant we only had one more night left on the island (boo!).  We woke up about 2pm feeling very hungover and sorry for ourselves that we missed Amnesia.  However, we did have a good day planned and I can finally tell you we did something exciting during the day ha!  My friend’s cousin who owns Linekers also owns Ocean Beach Club so he put us on guest list and sorted us a HUGE bed for the day.  This was pure pure luxury, if only we weren’t so hungover.  Anyway, we managed to pull ourselves together (with the help of a pasta lunch and an amazing milkshake!) and had a really lovely day at Ocean Beach.  I think to get into here it’s about 15 euros and then the beds are priced individually.  If you just want a sun lounger for the day it’s 20 euros I think. 

For our final night we wanted to head to Pacha as we hadn’t been here before and thought our Ibiza experience would not be complete without hitting this famous club.  The night we went to was called Wisdom of the Glove and I must admit I hadn’t really heard of any of the DJs but like I say we wanted to just go to see what it was like and say we’d been.  This night was a bit of a fail.  We arrived at the club about 1am which is normally when clubs are in full swing.  However, there was hardly anyone there (one guy dancing on his own on the dance floor in fact!) and everyone else was just sitting around probably thinking the same as us “this sucks”.  To be honest we didn’t really mind too much because we were heading home the next day so didn’t want too much of a mad one.  Again though, we had spent 50 euros on the ticket so it seemed like such a waste of money.  We literally stayed for about 50 minutes so it cost us around a euro a minute to be in there but we just didn’t see the point in staying when everyone was just sitting around really bored.  I think the problem was that on a Thursday night Pacha hosts the biggest night of the whole season, David Guetta’s F*ck Me I’m Famous which is always a sell out months in advance so I don’t think people are really up for going the night before.  If I ever go Pacha again I definitely want to see David Guetta.  I saw him last year at Ushuaia which is also an amazing venue, probably the best venue in Ibiza, and he was amazing.  David Guetta is such a passionate artist and it’s so nice to see someone, after hundreds of shows that he’s probably done, still be so excited to perform.


Today was home time L  But our flight was not until 9:30pm so we headed back to Ocean Beach Club as we managed to bag another free entry and bed.  Today was a bit better as we wasn’t so hungover.  So we chilled here for a few hours before getting some dinner and heading to the airport.

I had such an amazing time in Ibiza and I would really recommend it to anyone that loves clubbing, partying, DJs, house music etc.  I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea but I have such a passion for music that for me it really is the only place to spend my summer holiday.

I’m not a complete party animal however (maybe like 75% ha) and I am going to Croatia in September for a more chilled holiday.  And yes I will be writing another post all about that if that’s more your thing.

I hope you enjoyed this post.  Make sure you check out my latest Youtube video where you can see all the clothes I bought for this holiday: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9XEn2RjH64s and follow me on Instagram: fash_swag24 and twitter: wonky_lauren.

Thanks x


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