My Weekend... OXO Tower and Brighton!

Hey guys,

The weather was so hot this weekend so I got to do some really nice summery things and here's what I got up to.

Friday Night

Friday I met one of my best friends after work and we went to the OXO Tower on Southbank.  I've been here a few times before but only ever in the winter so it was really nice to go in the summer as they have a balcony where you can sit (if you're lucky enough to get a table/chair) or stand and see the most amazing views of London.

We ordered some cocktails from their rather expansive cocktail menu and they were absolutely delicious.  Here is a photo of a Pimms style one we had.

We didn't eat here this time but I've eaten here before and the food is also fabulous.  There have both a restaurant and a brasserie depending on how much food you want to eat.  Then they also have a bar area which is where we were.

I think the OXO Tower is perfect for any occasion; whether you have something to celebrate - birthday etc, drinks with friends after work or a romantic dinner date.  I would highly recommend this place and will definitely be visiting again and again.  It's probably one of my favourite places in London :)


Saturday I didn't do anything overly interesting.  It was just my typical Saturday really but I thought I would include it anyway.

So I got up in the morning and headed over to the gym.  I've just recently joined Virgin Active and I think it's great bcos I'm a proper fitness freak and love to work out but when I go to the gym I mainly do classes so it's important for me to belong to a gym that has a good selection of exercise classes and Virgin Active has so many to choose from.  So Saturday morning I did a body conditioning class which is a mixture of aerobics, step, weights and toning exercises.  Then after that I did a class called Body Jam which is a street dance style class and you learn different dance routines each week.  I'm a trained dancer and went to stage school so it's nice to still be able to do dance classes.

After that I showered, washed my hair and took the train into town to do a bit of shopping.  Then I went to see my dad and sister and chilled in the garden with them for a bit.  I live in a flat so when the weather is nice it's good to be able to go to my dad's and sit in the garden.  Then I came home and had a rather chilled Saturday night as I needed to be up early on Sunday.


So Sunday I got up early, met my friends and we took the train to Brighton!  The train from London to Brighton was SO packed.  Understandable seeing as the weather was so nice but it was not the most pleasant train journey, however, we managed to get a seat so I stuck my iPod in and zoned out.

We arrived in Brighton about midday and headed straight for the supermarket to get some snacks and drinks.  After this we were rather hungry so we got some lunch at Harry Ramsden's.  Harry Ramsden's is a famous fish and chip restaurant and the food was so yummy!  I had fishcake and chips and my friends both had cod and chips.

After lunch we took a walk down to the beach to do a bit of sunbathing   The beach was so busy but we managed to find a nice spot to lay our towels and completely chill, enjoying the sunshine.  We probably stayed here for about 3 hours soaking up all the rays before heading back to the train station.  

On our way back we stopped at an ice cream counter and I enjoyed a rather tasty caramel ice cream cone.  Caramel is my favourite flavour of ice cream :)

Then we made a quick stop at a pub to check the Wimbledon score and was rather pleased to note Murray had won!!

Finally we were on the train back to London and I was so tired I fell asleep on the train!  It was such a lovely day though and I hope the sunshine sticks around so I can enjoy more days at the beach.

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Thanks.  Lauren xx


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