My Favourite Fake Tans 2018

The weather in London has been absolutely beautiful recently.  However, I don't think a lot of us were quite prepared for these scorching temperatures especially when it came to our pasty limbs.  But fear not, I've got your back!  Here are my favourite fake tans of 2018...

First up is St Tropez Everyday.  This one is great for a gradual, natural looking tan.  It also moisturises at the same time which is a bonus as some self tanners can be quite drying.  It's perfect for beginners that don't want to go straight in with a dark tan.  It comes in light/medium and medium/dark.  Just be sure to wash your hands afterwards as it can really stain.

Next up is Superdrug Solait fake tan.  I've spoken about this one so many times because it really is so so good for the price point.  It's super easy to use because of the colour guide, it doesn't smell too bad and it doesn't streak.  I probably apply this every other day.  Although it says it lasts for ages I wouldn't say it does but that's okay because it's so affordable you can just keep reapplying and repurchasing.

For a bit more of a luxury tan I really like Bondi Sands Ultra Dark.  When I first tried this I really wasn't a fan but if you perservere with it it gets better I promise.  My top tips would be to leave it on longer than it says (preferably overnight) otherwise it will wash straight off and wear dark clothes when waiting to wash it off because it DOES transfer!

And then lastly for my face I like to use a spray tan because I find it more hygienic for your skin than rubbing a tanning mitt over.  So for this I use another from the Superdrug Solait range.  It's so quick and easy to use and quite often Superdrug does 2 for 1 deals so I pick both up at the same time.

Which are your favourite fake tans this year?

Lauren xx

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