The Top Ten Reasons I'll Be Watching The World Cup This Summer

I think most of us girls can agree that when it comes to football we're just not that interested.  Watching a ball being kicked around the grass for 90 minutes whilst screaming, swearing and jumping up and down like chimps is just not our idea of fun.  

However, I don't know about you but I get weirdly patriotic around the World Cup.  I always hold out so much hope for England to win even though in the last few we've done so badly!  This year though we seem to be doing pretty well.  6-1 today WHAAAATTT!!

Anyway, here are the main reasons I'll be tuning in this summer:

  1. After today's result, England may well be in with a chance of winning.  Gotta support my home boys.

  2. Christian Ronaldo in those shorts.

  3. I got Germany in my work sweepstake and they're always a good bet.

  4. Harry Kane is pretty easy on the eye.

  5. Watching Panama get all antsy is quite amusing, not to mention the 8 bookings and counting they've gotten so far.

  6. If England get through to the next stages and the game is during the day we get time off work!

  7. It's an excuse to get your boyfriend to take you for a pub lunch.

  8. It brings countries together because football is the language of the world and we need more of this.

  9. If England win your boyfriend/brother/boss/dad will be in a good mood so good time to ask them for that favour.

  10. It's a relatively cheap activity.  If you don't want to go out and spend money you can simply stay in and watch it on the BBC.
Will you be watching this year and who will you be supporting?

Lauren xx

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