New Year's Resolutions: Have You Kept Them?

We're about week 10 into the year now and almost a quarter of the way through so I thought it would be a good idea to re-visit some of the resolutions I made.  It's normally about this time of the year that people start to give up on all the positive promises they made so I thought I'd make a little motivational post to help push us through.

Diets/Healthy Eating/Fitness Regimes

I think this is the main one people make and the one most people will give up on easiest.  The problem is you need to be realistic.  You can't starve yourself or start working out 5 times a week when you did nothing before.  Set yourself small goals and build on them.  My resolution was to incorporate more weights into my fitness regime and eat more protein to build muscle.  I did this by adding two weight classes a week into my routine and eating more eggs!

Working harder at school/college/work

I made this one as by the end of last year I was feeling really demotivated and like I wasn't working to my potential.  About a month ago I was starting to feel like this again but then I had my appraisal and my boss and I set some objectives for the future and I took on more responsibility in my role and now I feel a lot more motivated and focused.  Sometimes you just need to sit down and reflect by yourself or with another person, see where you're going wrong and what can be changed.

Drink less alcohol

I can't say I drink much anyway but I know this is quite a common one for people with a lot of us having a dry January.  I generally limit myself to only drinking once a week.  For most people that have full time jobs you will only get two days off a week so try to keep one of those nights where you don't drink.  You can still socialise, just stick with a lemonade and you'll feel so much better the next morning.  And so will your bank balance!

Pay off credit cards/loans/store cards

I had quite a spend up at the end of last year with my holiday to America and then Christmas.  I also had to pay for my car to be fixed as well as road tax and then I got tempted by the Virgin Airways sale in January and booked more flights to Florida!  I think everyone gets a little spend happy during December and January so by this time of the year we'll have big bills coming in which can be quite depressing.  I put together a little payment plan of what I can reasonably pay off each month and how long it would take me.  I also had a look at where I could make cut backs.

Spend more time with family

I've never actually been a huge family time person.  I am close with my family but we're all so busy we don't always get to enjoy time together.  I think it's important to try and make this time though especially when people are getting older or moving away.  I'm so lucky to have a family that live close by and still have all my grandparents so this year I'm making more of an effort to see them all.  I try to visit my grandparents once a month and see my mum, dad and sister every other week at least.  I read a quote once that said 'never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life' and I thought this was so true.  Family are everything.

What were your new year's resolutions and have you kept them??

Lauren xx


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