Friday Favourites

Happy Friday!  Here's what I've been loving these last few weeks...

Change in weather - it's finally starting to get a few degrees warmer here in the UK which means it's more bearable to go out rather than hibernating every weekend.  I really can't wait for Spring and Summer!

Celebrities' short hair - I've noticed lately that everyone seems to be chopping their hair off.  Whether it's celebrities or friend I've seen on FaceBook and now it's making me want to do the same.  Short hair is so lovely for the summer and can be styled in many ways.

Weight classes - I want to get more toned and have been really inspired by the Aussie girls on Instagram.  I always avoided weight classes before because I thought they'd make me bulky but if i can look anywhere near like them then i'm up for giving it a go.  I will do a more detailed blog post on this soon.

Beauty blender - I've really gotten into using my beauty blender for foundation lately.  i always used to use a brush and only use the sponge for concealer but it gives a really beautiful airbrushed look and doesn't cake on the product so much.  A lot nicer for daytime looks.

Spinach and eggs - Along with my new fitness regime I wanted to incorporate more protein into my diet as this is especially good after a work out.  i really love eggs so I thought I would make 2 scrambled eggs with chopped up spinach mixed in and I have that 3 times per week after my harder workouts.

Messy ponytails - I saw a girl with a really cute messy ponytail look so I've been trying that out lately and it looks really cute.  It's so quick to do and looks effortless.  I think it will be great for Spring and Summer for those of us not wanting to cut our hair off!

Flat shoes - I'm an actually lover of high heels.  Even though I am nearly 5ft8 I still wear ridiculously high heels pretty much everyday but just recently I've gotten into wearing more flats.  I've bought a couple of pairs of brogues and some really cute cat shoes.

Fashion Weeks - The past few weeks have been fashion weeks around the fashion capitals and I've been trying to keep up to date with all of them, mainly on Pinterest.  I attended London Fashion Week which I blogged about here.

Lighter evenings - Along with the warmer weather we have been getting lighter evenings. The sun is still setting about 6pm but it's better than 4pm and at the end of the month we will see the clocks go forward and will officially enjoy more sunshine, i can;t wait!

Olivia Palermo - just everything about this woman.  I've been Pinteresting her a lot lately especially around Fashion Week because she just nails it every time.  She pulls off looks better than anyone else and I like her petite frame because I feel I can copy some of her looks.  I normally try to find inspiration in people with similar figures to myself.

Have a great weekend!

Lauren xx


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