Friday Favourites

Here's what I've been loving this last fortnight.  Happy Friday ya'll!

Hand cream - bit of a boring one but the weather has got cold again so I'm feeling the need to top up on hand cream as my skin is getting very dry.  The one I like at the moment is Nivea.

Winged eyeliner - I have a love/hate relationship with winged eyeliner.  I like the look of it.. but not on me.  However, every now and again I have a little go and see if I can make it worth.  I tried it last weekend with a kohl pencil and smudged it out slightly.  I didn't think it looked too bad!

Jacket potatoe with tuna and cheese - mmmm tuna and cheese ANYTHING to be honest but this week I've had it twice for dinner.  I normally opt for a sweet potatoe so it's better for you ;)

Lidl - somewhere I've never really shopped as I don't have one close to where I live but there is one near work I've been popping into recently and I can't believe how cheap it is! The food is not bad either, especially the cookies from the bakery!

Ugg boots - they're like Marmite, you either love them or you hate them but again with the cold weather I've been digging them out and they've been life savers.

Dr Pepper - I've always loved Dr Pepper since it came over to Britain about 15 years ago but recently I've had a real craving for it and have been treating myself to a bottle at the weekends.

Dry hair shampoo - I've had a right mare with my boiler this week and basically not hard much hot water so dry hair shampoo has been getting me through when I've been unable to wash my hair and having to have quick cold showers :(

Meghan Trainor's new album Title - I'm just loving this girl's sound at the moment.  Okay, her first song was slightly irritating after a while but you can't deny her tunes are rather catchy.  I've downloaded her first two songs and I really like the third so I guess I may as well download the whole album!

Alexander McQueen exhibition - this launched last Friday and people have got absolutely mad for it.  I'm hoping to get tickets in June for my mum's birthday so I will do a proper write up then.  I'm very patriotic when it comes to my designers and Alexander McQueen probably trumps them all.

The Eclipse - we had an eclipse here in London today.  It was so cloudy though you couldn't see anything, not that you're supposed to look directly at it!  I did notice it got a lot darker but other than that it was rather disappointing.  I wonder where I'll be when the next one happens in 2026...

Lauren xx


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