Thursday Ten: The Struggles of a Skinny Girl

I don't want to write this and sound like I'm boasting and this certainly isn't a 'pro-ana' post but I've seen skinny girls get a lot of stick on social media and being a skinny girl myself I wanted to make a stand and say it's not okay to judge someone on their weight. Opinions can often be hurtful and you don't know the reason why someone is a certain way, some of us are naturally thin.  We were just born that way.

1.  People constantly asking "you're so skinny, do you eat?".  This is probably the biggest struggle.  Yes of course we eat, we wouldn't be alive if we didn't.  I actually happen to be a massive foodie and love to eat out but I have a super fast metabolism and work out so that keeps me slim.

2.  Your feet look bigger.  I don't know why but when you have skinny feet they just look longer?

3.  People making 'skinny' jokes.  Someone once shouted across the street at me "I've seen more meat on a sparrow's knee!"  That was actually more hurtful than funny.

4.  Making extra holes on your belt.  I was so glad when the trend started to tie your belt, so much easier!

5.  Bracelets falling off.  Bracelets often come in one size which is always too big for me.  My wrists are super tiny and even when I buy a size small it barely fits.

6.  Knee boots go baggy.  I can never get long boots to fit me properly, they always start to sag half one down.

7.  People referring to you as 'the skinny one'.  "Oh you know Lauren, the skinny one...?"

8.  Having small boobs.  Not all skinny girls have this problem but it's generally human nature that if you are skinny you will have small or non existence breasts.  I used to feel really insecure about this but now I couldn't care less and actually like the fact I can get away without a bra if I have a backless or strapless top on.

9.  Feeling cold all the time.  When you have less body fat you have less to keep you warm therefore meaning you feel the cold more than others.  That said, you won't sweat as much when it's super hot!

10.  Having a boney bum which means sitting down on a hard surface is really uncomfortable and actually hurts.  Also laying on hard surfaces.  Sometimes in yoga or pilates we have to lay down and it really hurts my hip bones or my spine.

Does anyone else have these struggles??  At the end of the day, it doesn't matter if you're skinny or curvy but being confident in your body is what's important and confidence is the most sexy of all ;)

Lauren xx


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