What I Ate Today

Welcome to the third instalment of 'What I Ate Today'.  You can see the previous two here and here.  I feel like this is my best instalment yet in terms of being healthy.  I'm back in the game and feeling good about it!  However, I never really know how good I've done until I write it all down, I'd definitely encourage it.


1 Weetabix with almond milk
1 glass of orange and mango squash


Last night's left over wholewheat pasta pesto with tuna
1 bottle of Evian


2 slices of wholegrain toast with half an avocado and 2 poached eggs
1 mug of green tea


2 nectarines
1 bottle of Evian

I don't think this is too bad?  There's a lot of carbs in there but I went to the gym so I like to top up on carbs and protein on gym days.  I'm just happy I finally got some fruit in there!

What did you eat today?

Lauren xx


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