5 Reasons Why I'm Excited For Warmer Weather

Now wasn't this weekend glorious!  25 degrees in London for a whole 5 days.  Aside from global warming, I'm not mad at it!  Here are my top 5 reasons why I'm so excited for more weather like this.

Tanned Skin

Whether you prefer to get a real tan or fake it like me, I use the warmer weather as an excuse to bronze myself up which always puts me in a good mood because personally I think life is just better with a tan.

Lighter Hair

Something about summer always makes me want to go lighter with my locks.  I've booked in to have my hair cut and highlighted this weekend and I can't wait.

Beer Gardens

Would I really be British if I didn't mention this?  Sitting in a beer garden with a cold drink on a hot day can often be better than being on a hot beach IMHO.  The buzz and atmosphere in London pubs when the weather is nice just can't be beaten, everyone is in a good mood!

Longer Evenings

In the winter I get home and I just want to snuggle up and go to bed, which is nice for a while but I feel so much more productive when it's still light outside.  I'll go to the gym, pop to the shops, clean the house, cook and all before 9pm!

Festival Season

Festival season is getting started and it's sooooo much better when the weather is warm.  I love listening to music outside with good food and drink but it's just not as fun when the weather is cold and rainy.

What are you top reasons for liking the warmer weather?

Lauren xx

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