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I will have owned my flat for 5 years this year!!  (I did a post about buying your first home here if you wanted to see that.)  However, when I first moved in I was never that fussed about interior.  Don't get me wrong, I think my flat looks nice and it has a 'theme' but I was never one for spending weekends at homeware stores or making Pinterest boards.

Maybe it was because I never spent much time at home.  Nowadays, however, I cherish cosy nights in where I can chill out and relax from a crazy week.  (See how I like to take time out here.)  So I recently decided I wanted to make my flat a bit more homely and enjoyable and even started my own Pinterest board!

The current theme in my flat is black and white with my bedroom being all white.  I still love the all white but not sure I should add some colour in?  Maybe some copper?  I put together below some photos that I like from Pinterest.  I'm thinking to perhaps visit H&M, Zara Home and also New Look is supposed to have some nice stuff?  I also quite like Primark home for affordable pieces.

I'm also trying to find ways of storing things better and utilising my space more.  I have quite a big flat but sooooo much stuff (shoes).  I'm going to buy an ottoman this weekend but also want to add some shelves around the flat.  Maybe I will even do a flat tour when I'm done!  How do you best utilise space?

Where do you get your inspiration from?

Lauren xx

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