What To Pack: My Holiday Essentials

I know summer is kinda of over now, well it is in the UK but September and October can be popular months for people going on holiday to grab that last bit of winter sun somewhere hot.  I just got back from a trip to Las Vegas and LA so the weather there was very nice indeed.  However, I thought I would share some of my essentials for travelling whatever the weather!

Hand Luggage

I always like to pack in my hand luggage a jumper and a scarf.  This is essential for on the plane because the air conditioning can get really cold and I HATE that especially when on a long haul flight.  I will also pack some fluffy socks, lip balm, moisturiser, a pen, headphones and sometimes my iPad.


Take clothes that are versatile, which go with a lot so they can be worn again if necessary and items that won't crease.  If you do take something that is likely to crease try the rolling technique, it works!


Palettes are my go-to for holiday makeup as they allow me to have choices without taking up too much room.  On this trip I took a contour/highlight palette, blush palette and eye shadow palette.


This is the category I find hardest to choose from as I always want to bring so many but they really weigh a case down.  I try to just pick one of each style so trainers (which I'll wear to fly in) heels or wedges, flats and sandals.


Depending on where I'm going and how long I'm going for I'll take my camera, iPhone, iPad, Macbook, Kindle, portable chargers and lots of wires and adapters.

What are your packing essentials?

Lauren xx


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