The Best Jackets For Autumn

The weather in London is so bipolar this time of year.  Sometimes it's okay to go out in just a jacket other times you need a big coat.  And sometimes it's freezing in the mornings but by the time it gets to lunchtime the sun has come out.  So my biggest and most repeated question for this time of year is WHAT THE HELL DO I WEAR?!

I've been opting for layers which seem to be the best idea at the moment but in terms of outerwear I've desperate to not have to break out the big coat for at least another month.  Here are the types of jackets I have been reaching for which also look great with scarfs for that extra layer!

1.  Bomber Jacket - New Look
2.  Denim Jacket - ASOS
3.  Leather Jacket - Warehouse
4.  Suede Gilet - ASOS

Which are your favourite types of jackets for autumn?

Lauren xx

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