Packing For Winter Sun

I definitely should have wrote this post earlier lol.  I had the idea whilst I was in Florida over Christmas and only just got round to it now but to be honest the sun doesn't really hit London until May/June so you could easily still have a winter getaway in April.  I'm off to Poland this month which will probably be colder than England but anyway, are you off to anywhere nice?

It's a weird one going away somewhere hot during winter.  I always love the idea of it until it comes to packing or holiday shopping and you can't find anything!  I would say pack in layers if you can.  When I went to Florida I had no idea how hot or cold it was going to be.  Miami was super hot but then Orlando was a little colder, especially in the evenings.

I found by packing a mixture of t-shirts, long sleeves, jeans, shorts and everything in between I was well prepared.  I mixed up tees with jeans and long sleeves with shorts or skirts.  I also took my leather jacket for cooler evenings and ended up buying a chunky knitted cardigan for when it really got cold (for Florida that is).

In terms of footwear, ankle boots are great.  You can read all about my love for ankle boots in this post.  I took 2 pairs with me along with some trainers, flats and pumps.  My one mistake is that I probably should have packed some sandals but I survived.  I also took a fedora with me as I never travel anywhere without a hat and I took a scarf which I never wore and 3 pairs of sunglasses.

All in all I think I packed pretty well for the 3 weeks away although my luggage was over on the way home and had to put a pair of my ankle boots in my hand luggage which was so heavy especially as when I arrived in London I had to struggle back home on the tubes and train!

What are your tips for packing for winter sun?

Lauren xx


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