Spiralizer Vegetable Slicer Review and Recipe

A few weeks ago I was very kindly sent a vegetable slicer from Spiralizer to review.  Spiralizer are an American company who are looking to branch out to the UK.  It's funny because I was actually thinking to myself that I'd really love a vegetable slicer instead of using my Julienne peeler all the time.

For the past two years I've been really trying to eat more plant based foods.  I've been a vegetarian for nearly 8 years (more on that here) but just found myself eating way too many carbs.  I love the idea of swapping carbs for vegetable alternatives and my favourite has to be courgetti.

When I first started making courgetti I used the Julienne peeler which is great because it only cost me £1 but after a while I wanted something quicker and easier so that's where Spiralizer helped me out. This vegetable slicer is so easy to use and makes meal time so much quicker.  I work quite long hours and once I've done a gym class it will be quite late by the time I get home.  With this vegetable slicer I can also meal prep at the weekends so hardly any work is required after work, great!

You can purchase the vegetable slicer from Amazon.  It comes with 3 different blades so you can choose which shape you want.  Below I'll show you how to do my courgetti recipe I'm calling Lauren's Wonky Pasta!

Lauren's Wonky Pasta

All you need is 3 ingredients:

1 Courgette/Zucchini
1 tablespoon of low fat cream cheese
4 crab/fish sticks

Put the courgette into the vegetable slicer to make it into spaghetti like pieces.  

Add the courgetti into a wok or frying pan with a little olive oil or Fry Light for 3 minutes.

Remove from the pan and tear up strips of the crab sticks adding them to the courgetti.  Then stir in the cream cheese.

DONE!  Literally takes 5 minutes and tastes soooooooo good.

Another way I like to eat courgetti is with tofu and pesto.  I've also really gotten into cauliflower rice.

Please leave me any links for other plant based alternative recipes to try!

Lauren xx


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