My Fashion Book Collection

I didn't even realise I had so many fashion related books.  It was only when I wrote this post (My Cookbook Collection) that I thought 'hey, I have enough fashion books here to write a post about!' cos that's how bloggers think isn't it?!

I've always been into fashion, even when I was very small and I think my mother was a big part of that as she always dresses so well and I looked up to her.  When I was about 10 my mother and I used to watch a programme called 'What Not To Wear' and I loved it.  So when Trinny and Susannah announced they were selling books on the series I obviously added them to my Christmas List.

Obviously these books are quite dated now but fashion has a way of coming back around so I'm not going to throw them out just yet!

Kate Moss Style

I've always idolised Kate Moss and growing up I wanted to be a model just like her.  Obviously that didn't happen cos now I'm living the not-so-glamorous life of a lawyer but she still remains a style icon of mine.  Her book looks back on her life in style and gives us her fashion history.  It goes on to show us her most iconic looks and the stories behind them.

This book is more a biography of Coco Chanel's amazing life.  She's such a classy, elegant woman and someone I really look up to as I love that smart but edgy look.  She really is a legend and has made such a mark in fashion history.  AND the book looks great on your shelf ;)

I recently attended a press event for the Audrey Hepburn exhibition in London a few months back which you can read more about here.  The book basically reflects on her life and how she became the legend she is today.

This is the latest addition to my fashion book shelf but ever since Millie came on our screens in Made in Chelsea I had the biggest girl crush on her.  I've talked about here in many of my posts (#FanGirl) and even met her once which you can see more of here and here.  Anyway, the book is actually a mixture of fitness, food, beauty and style tips which is a winner in my eyes because you're getting so much in just one book.  Millie also has a classy elegant style that I love so her book was an obvious choice for me.

The other fashion books I currently have my eyes on are 'How To Be A Parisian Wherever You Are' and 'The Woman I Wanted To Be'.  Do you have any recommendations to add to my list?

Lauren xx


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