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Over the Bank Holiday weekend (here in the UK) I attended my SIXTH SW4!  It's one of my favourite festivals as it has an eclectic bunch of house and D&B artists playing all the kind of music that I love.  That year was kind of special, however, because this year they had Skrillex <3


You can never guarantee the weather here in GB and they had forecast torrential rain and lightning!  The BBC issued a weather warning and my friend even told me she didn't want to go because the weather looked so bad.  However, by some miracle, the weather turned out okay.  It wasn't that sunny or warm (hello great British weather!) but it didn't rain and that's all I'm asking for.

So I went for my new denim shorts, a Kayne t-shirt, long socks, Hunter boots, a jumper and a rain mac (all outfit links can be seen in this post).  I didn't wear them all at the same time, I just kept adding layers throughout the day into the evening.


So as I was saying, Skrillex performed this year and I think this was my 4th time of seeing him live.  He's my all time favourite DJ.  I just love his music, his vibe and the way he performs.  He's such a talented artist so if you haven't heard his stuff you should definitely check out his YouTube channel here.  He's one of the biggest dubstep artists so if that's your thing I think you'll like.


You know one of my favourite things about attending a festival is the wide range of food stalls that they have.  They literally cater for everyone and this year I went for a halloumi and houmous wrap with salad.  It was actually quite a large wrap and so filled me up for the 6 hours I was there.  We also drank cider because, duh, typical festival drink.

What's your favourite festival?

Lauren xx


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