Let's Just Remember How Far You've Come

This time of year is generally full of joy and happiness but I think it can also be a time where we reflect on life and the past 12 months which for some can be quite depressing or frustrating if you don't feel like you've achieved what you wanted to or haven't quite reached your goals you set for this year.

With my birthday next week and the prospect of 2017 fast approaching I know I've definitely been looking back at everything that's happened this year, everything I've achieved and not achieved and how far I've come.  I had a pretty rough start to the year (see this post for more details) and I honestly thought the rest of the year would be awful but I've managed to turn it around.

I think it's important at times like this to focus on the positive and look at what you have achieved, no matter how small or meaningless you are still going in the right direction even if you are not there yet.  Having a more positive mindset and outlook on life will help you reach your goals quicker.  If you're negative and down all the time you'll just give up in the end.

But never give up your dreams.  Think of the bad times and how you've got through them, therefore, you can get through bad times again.  Despite the first few months of this year being awful I've actually had one of the best years of my life.  I've had so many amazing opportunities come my way and I think it's because of the positive attitude I've kept.

I don't know about you but I really believe in the Law of Attractive and how powerful it can be used in the correct way.  I won't try and explain it all to you because there's loads of YouTube videos on it that are really good but the concept is that you if you want something you have to act like you already have it and then it will come to you.

So if you're feeling a bit down about the year ending and not being where you want to, just be patient because you will get there eventually.  I promise.  Always count your blessings and remember how fortunate you are compared to a lot of people in this world.  You are awesome and everything will be just great!

How do you feel about the end of the year?

Lauren xx


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