Superdrug Cruelty Free Power Face Duo

When I decided to go vegan and also decided that I would go cruelty free because, well, that's obvious isn't it.  Finding vegan food has never given me much of an issue, however, finding cruelty free products I've found a little more difficult.  Thankfully, Superdrug is one of the main stores in the UK that do not test any of their products on animals.

So I went along and replaced a lot of my skincare and haircare products and picked up the Optimum Grape Serum (they do ones for different ages) and also the Naturally Radiant Renewing Night Cream.  I initially bought the serum for during the day but found it was a little too heavy and made my makeup slide so I alternated between the serum and the cream for night time.

I then had the most amazing facial of my life and the lady there asked about my skincare routine.  She told me that in fact I should be using the products in conjuction with each other and this would really help my dry skin and clear up the little spots I get from dehydration.  I tried it the following night going in with the serum first and the cream after.

The change literally made such a difference.  Within a week my skin was brighter and less dry.  I even didn't mind going out without makeup!  I now will always use both products together.  This might not work for everyone if you have oily skin perhaps but I just thought I would share it because it really has made such a difference and from products that are both affordable and cruelty free.

Do you have any power products that have changed your skincare routine?

Lauren xx


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