Over The Weekend

This weekend was fun.  It was the perfect balance of going out, staying in, spending time with friends, spending time with family and also alone time.


I went to work as usual in the morning and then left the office around noon to go attend a meeting which was subsequently cancelled and so I had a nice little lunch time catch up with my old boss.  We wanted to go for a posh coffee so headed to the nearby Hilton. However, after ordering we were served Costa Coffee!  Nothing wrong with Costa but not as posh as we thought it would be.

I then caught up with some other colleagues I hadn't seen in a while before heading home via M&S Food (obvs).  Once home I got a couple of hours to relax (and eat), went out to pick up my ASOS orders and then got ready to meet some friends in the pub for birthday drinks (my friend's birthday, not mine). 

It was so nice to see everyone as it was a really good turn out.  We hadn't been to this particular pub in ages and we used to frequent it all the time so it was really nice to be there and live it up like the good old days haha.  I finally headed home about midnight and collapsed into bed.


Woke up about 8 and sat in bed for about an hour and a half of social media/watching YouTube videos.  Then I went to the gym for 2 hours.  I did an aerobics class followed by body balance which is a mixture of pilates, tai chi and yoga.  Then I headed home and had some lunch of lentil soup.  I went back out in the afternoon to get two friend's birthday presents.

In the evening I relaxed with a take away curry and caught up on Hollyoaks.  I think I was in bed before midnight, how rock n roll am I!  But it's needed sometimes.


I woke up just before 9 and had a really unproductive morning.  I wanted to wash my hair and then do some food shopping before leaving at 11.30 to go to my grandparents. Instead I washed my hair and ended up heading to my grandparents gone 12.  Arrived just before 1 and dinner was almost ready, I love dinner at my grandparents!

It was a nice day because my aunts and cousins were there also so I got to catch up with them.  Then my grandparents and I ate loads and watched X Factor.  I got home around 6.30, did some chores and was in bed by 9.30pm!

I love weekends like this.  How was yours?

Lauren xx


  1. Love that striped outfit :-) It's super chic! Yoga is such a good form of exercise, it's gentle, but makes you feel so nice and toned.

  2. Cute!



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