Kylie Jenner Makeup Look

Hello from America! I'm currently sitting in the airport after an amazing few days in Vegas and now waiting for my delayed flight to LA for the next part of my adventure. And it got me thinking what kind of post I wanted to write next. Whenever I think of LA the Kardashians always come to mind amongst other things. Although Kendall is my ultimate fave I do love the way Kylie does her makeup.

Kylie actually seems pretty talented with the way she does her makeup and I particularly love the lip colours she is always rocking.  I am yet to try one of her lip kits but will perhaps try to pick one up during this trip. Anyway, here is a look I created a few weeks ago that was inspired by Kylie herself. It's a sparkly eye with a browny nude lip that I tried to overdraw haha. 

Makeup used:

Eyes - MUA glitter liner all over the lid
Lashes - Cherry lashes
Lips - Rimmel liner in Eastend Snob

Are you a fan of Kylie's makeup looks?

Lauren xx


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