Winter Neutrals

I've recently started to love wearing neutrals (you can see more of that in this post) which is weird as it was never much my thing, I always loved a pop of colour.  When I think of neutrals, however, I always think of creams, white, grey but never black even though it is classed as a neutral.  If I'm wearing all black then I'm wearing all black not neutral, you know?

It's still cold in London during April and this is probably our wettest month too.  I am also off to Poland next week which is probably going to be even colder than the UK!  So winter neutrals it is.  But what colours can you wear without wearing all black everryyyythinggg..

Dress - Forever21
Stripes definitely count as neutrals in my book and this dress from Forever21 is so comfortable and loose.  It's also made from a wool material so still warm enough during the winter months.

Roll neck jumper - Peacocks
Grey makes the perfect winter neutral.  It goes with so many looks and definitely with black.  If black is your comfortable colour maybe try a dark grey to get out of that comfort zone?

Lace top - Next

I love this lace top from Next.  I actually bought it a year or so ago now before the lace trend got really big (I know, I'm such a trendsetter) but this one is perfect for winter also because of the long sleeves and goes great with a faux fur gilet over top.

Which are your favourite winter neutrals to wear?

Lauren xx


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